Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick-Or-Treat...Smell My Feet!

It is unbelievably difficult to get a halfway decent picture of the whole family together!
Witness failed attempt number 1,525...
or maybe it was only number 3.
We eventually got one...
And then we were off for a fun filled evening of accepting candy from strangers...
Known as Trick-or-treating!
 We went with a group of friends from playgroup, and it was too cute to watch the kids running en mass toward the next house...
Where they would proceed to shout "TRICK-OR-TREAT!!!" over and over and over in unison until every child received a piece of candy!
Gigi was actually really into it...
Until she discovered a crunchy pile of leaves was much more fun!
At any rate, we came home with way more candy than we will ever eat!
But we made good use of our costumes even after collecting our buckets of candy...
By taking advantage of Chipotle's offer of $2 burritos to anyone in costume!
This is Noah standing in line and showing off his wing span!
Now that's my kind of Trick-Or-Treating!

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  1. We have a million failed family picture attempts as well, but sometimes those are my favorite shows real life :) Looks like you guys had a fun halloween!