Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Pause...And Two Pinafores!!!

Nonna Donna stopped by yesterday...
Just for laughs!
So my production for Saturday's Craft Sale was, once again, put on hold.
Although we did manage to get a few of the more practical preparations, table cloths, price tags, bags etc., taken care of!
But today I was nose to the grindstone once more!
And I was able to create this sweet little crossover pinafore...
Which is totally reversible...
This pinafore is a size 12-24 months, but will actually live beyond that as a top when paired with leggings, making this little number one of the most versatile outfits ever!
And one of my personal favorites!
And my ambition knew no bounds as I was able to complete not one, but two pinafore ensembles!
This one is a size 0-6 months, and once again completely reversible...
I just love the way the yellows, greys and creams all coordinate together.  It's a softly pretty combination with a uniquely retro-chic feel!
 Both of these little beauties will be available on Saturday, November 17 at the Craft Sale from 11-2pm!... (Did I mention I'm a vendor?!) 
Located  4596 S Jason St on the corner of Tufts and Jason street!
I hope to see you there!
Only one more day to prepare, lets see what I can get done tomorrow!!!

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