Sunday, November 11, 2012

Check Out My Assembly Line!

So, I promised to keep you updated on my progress as I prepare for Saturday's Craft Sale...
I worked like crazy Thursday and  Friday, and managed to get 6 little owl bodies cut out and ready for sewing...
and I turned this pile of fused Target bags and fabric...
into this assortment of fabulousness!
Translation, one make-up bag, two car trash bags, and four wet/dry bags!
All this efficient production came at a price, though, as I did suffer this ridiculously painful and garish wound...
What?  You don't see anything?!!!
It's right here, the most painful pin prick ever!!!
Making progress, though.
Stay tuned, more to come!
Remember!  Craft Sale,  November 17th from 11-2pm at  4596 S Jason St!!!

1 comment:

  1. Poor baby! You definitely earned your battle wound! I love the bag designs, and what a great and cute way to use remnants for the owls! Put on the theme song from "Rocky" and keep up the good work!