Thursday, November 21, 2013

A long Overdue Reveal!

Ok, first of all, let me say a great big and heartfelt thanks to all of you who came out to last Saturday's craft sale!  Your support means more to me than you can know! 
AND, for any of you who weren't able to to make it last week, I am going to be at the Englewood High School craft fair this Saturday from 9am-3pm!  It's free entry, and there will be 85 vendors there, an excellent opportunity to Christmas shop!
Ok, I'm done with my shameless self promotion now, and it's on to our original topic, the overdue reveal!
Ok, you remember what it looked like before?
And then during demolition?!
Welcome to my sanctuary!
Some of these pictures are a little dated, note that in this picture the window is still unfinished...
It now looks like this!
and from the outside...
It's gorgeous!  And clean!  and bright!...I'm in love!...with my window...yes, I said it!
Here is a view of the Atari...
Yep, i said Atari!
And this is how the Atari makes Noah feel!
I love the details of my room, the reclaimed beetle wood ceiling...
The stylish replacement nobs on the closet door...
My pop of color Ikea rug!...
And did I mention the window?!
This is how my room makes me feel!
And while I call it MY room...
I actually don't mind sharing!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Are You Ready for Reason #1?!!!

It's Tote Bags!!!
The number 1 reason why you should make the time to come by my table at the Holiday Craft Sale tomorrow at 4596 S Jason St on November 16th from 11-2pm is tote bags!
I have so many to choose from!
Reversible totes...
Large pocket totes...
Small pocket totes...
Large pocket totes...
And extra large pocket totes!
Everybody needs a tote bag, it is quite possibly the ultimate Christmas gift!
So please come by my table tomorrow at 4596 S Jason St on November 16th from 11-2pm!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Only 2 days left!

EEK!  Where did Wednesday go?!  
I guess we will be combining reasons 3 and 2 for why you should take the time to stop by my craft table at 4596 S Jason St on November 16th from 11-2pm!
Let's start with reason #3...
 This rice filled pouch is actually a small miracle, perfect for migraines, sore muscles, stiff necks, injuries, and even just cold nights!
The packs are completely unscented except for the natural warm toasty fragrance of the heated rice!
Just 2 minutes in the microwave and you have warm comfort, or 24 hours in the freezer and you have a cool compress!
At $10 each, this is a gift that keeps on giving!  
Ok, now for reason #2...
Let's talk a little trash!
 Or, in this case, trash bags, car trash bags to be exact!
Simple in design, but genius (if I do say so myself) in execution, you will never have to worry about a tipped over pile of refuse in your car again!  
Lined with fused grocery bags, these beauties are virtually water proof, and, you can tie them to almost any surface in your vehicle making them convenient as well as stylish!
And I have to say that while I designed the bag specifically for cars, it can be used just about anywhere, so don't be afraid to get creative!
The car trash bag is only $12, making it the perfect gift for just about anyone this season!
Craft Sale on the corner of Jason and Tufts at 4596 S Jason St on November 16th from 11-2pm!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

4 Days Left = Reason #4...

It's Tuesday! 
 And that means there are only 4 days left until the CRAFT SALE  located on the corner of Jason and Tufts at 4596 S Jason St on November 16th from 11-2pm!
And since there are 4 days left, it's time now for reason #4 why you should stop by!
The wet/dry bag!
This bag is similar in concept to the snack bag, except it is much bigger.
Like the snack bag, it is lined with fused grocery bags making it virtually water proof, super green, and Sew Unique!
This bag is very versatile, perfect for carrying wet bathing suits home from swim practice or summer fun, it is excellent for use as a lunch bag, simply add an ice pack to keep things cold, or it is the perfect companion for a diaper bag, ready to hold any soiled clothing!
The wet/dry bag is machine washable (air dry only), can be rolled up for compact storage, and at $18 each is a stylish gift that is absolutely Sew Unique!
Craft Sale at 4596 S Jason St on November 16th from 11-2pm!

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Countdown Continues!

There are only 5 days left until the craft sale on November 16th!
I'm hoping you all are planning to stop by my table, and in honor of the countdown, I have decided to give you the top five reasons why you should head over to 4596 S Jason St on November 16th from 11-2pm!
Lets start with reason #5 today and we can work our way down to the #1 reason by Friday!
Ok, reason #5 is the reusable snack bag!!!  (please forgive the picture quality as I was using my phone)
This bag is roughly 6"x8" of attractive snack holding brilliance, and...
It's lined with fused grocery bags, so it's a double whammy of green!
The bags have a strong Velcro closure, are machine washable (air dry only), and at $5 a piece, they are fun, practical, and  Sew Unique!
5 days left until the craft sale located on the corner of Jason and Tufts...
4596 S Jason St on November 16th from 11-2pm!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Countdown to a Craft Sale!

Many of you know that last year I participated in an in home craft sale and it was such a success that we decided to do it again this year!  
So mark your calendars for NOVEMBER 16!  
The sale will be at 4596 S Jason St on the corner of Tufts and Jason St from 11am-2pm!
I'd love to see you there, so please try to stop by!
And, just to give you a sneak peak at what kind of goodies you can expect to find at my table...
Like, a variety of make-up/travel bags...
lined with fused grocery bags to make them virtually water proof, super green, and SEW unique!
And in case you need an excellent stocking stuffer, check out this chap stick key chain!  Perfect for keeping your chap stick close at hand during the dry CO winter!
And I have lots of them!
And lets not forget the classic car trash bag...
Also lined with those versatile fused grocery bags, and available in a variety of colors and prints, this handy item would make an excellent gift for anyone with a licence!
And lets not forget those sweet little owl loveys...
These babies are so cute, so cuddly, and yes, I have to do it...SEW UNIQUE!
Stay tuned for more sneak peaks as we continue our count down to a craft sale!
REMEMBER!  November 16th at 4596 S Jason St from 11-2!