Tuesday, November 12, 2013

4 Days Left = Reason #4...

It's Tuesday! 
 And that means there are only 4 days left until the CRAFT SALE  located on the corner of Jason and Tufts at 4596 S Jason St on November 16th from 11-2pm!
And since there are 4 days left, it's time now for reason #4 why you should stop by!
The wet/dry bag!
This bag is similar in concept to the snack bag, except it is much bigger.
Like the snack bag, it is lined with fused grocery bags making it virtually water proof, super green, and Sew Unique!
This bag is very versatile, perfect for carrying wet bathing suits home from swim practice or summer fun, it is excellent for use as a lunch bag, simply add an ice pack to keep things cold, or it is the perfect companion for a diaper bag, ready to hold any soiled clothing!
The wet/dry bag is machine washable (air dry only), can be rolled up for compact storage, and at $18 each is a stylish gift that is absolutely Sew Unique!
Craft Sale at 4596 S Jason St on November 16th from 11-2pm!

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