Thursday, November 14, 2013

Only 2 days left!

EEK!  Where did Wednesday go?!  
I guess we will be combining reasons 3 and 2 for why you should take the time to stop by my craft table at 4596 S Jason St on November 16th from 11-2pm!
Let's start with reason #3...
 This rice filled pouch is actually a small miracle, perfect for migraines, sore muscles, stiff necks, injuries, and even just cold nights!
The packs are completely unscented except for the natural warm toasty fragrance of the heated rice!
Just 2 minutes in the microwave and you have warm comfort, or 24 hours in the freezer and you have a cool compress!
At $10 each, this is a gift that keeps on giving!  
Ok, now for reason #2...
Let's talk a little trash!
 Or, in this case, trash bags, car trash bags to be exact!
Simple in design, but genius (if I do say so myself) in execution, you will never have to worry about a tipped over pile of refuse in your car again!  
Lined with fused grocery bags, these beauties are virtually water proof, and, you can tie them to almost any surface in your vehicle making them convenient as well as stylish!
And I have to say that while I designed the bag specifically for cars, it can be used just about anywhere, so don't be afraid to get creative!
The car trash bag is only $12, making it the perfect gift for just about anyone this season!
Craft Sale on the corner of Jason and Tufts at 4596 S Jason St on November 16th from 11-2pm!