Friday, November 16, 2012

Craft Sale Tomorrow!!!

So, tomorrow is the craft sale from 11-2pm at Marva Jolly's house, 4596 S Jason St
The house is on the NE corner of Jason and Tufts!
My table will be accompanied by a handmade jewelry vendor, a paper crafts vendor, a handmade soaps vendor, and even a masseuse!!!
So come say hi, get some of your Christmas shopping out of the way, and then enjoy a 15 minute massage to unwind!
I am so excited!
So excited that I whipped up two more dresses!
This time in the peasant dress style.
I loved working with this festive plaid, and this dress is a size 3-6 months!
And this soft gray. yellow, and cream may look familiar from yesterday's pinafore, but I couldn't resist making use of the leftover material!
This dress is a size 0-3 months!
Both dresses will be available at tomorrow's sale, along with all of the other items you've watched me create this week!  I'm somewhat amazed by my production capabilities when properly motivated, but I have to say that I am also exhausted!
Wish me luck at the sale, and please stop by if you have some time tomorrow!
Craft Sale from 11-2pm 4596 S Jason St

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