Friday, November 2, 2012

But, MOM! That's My Favorite Shirt!

Witness a problem that occurs frequently in our household...
My children have the super-human ability to outgrow clothing at the speed of light!
Of course, I am the bad guy, arbitrarily packing up, donating or otherwise disposing of the too small clothing, and naturally, everything I get rid of is Noah's favorite!
So today I found a solution, at least for those graphic t's that are most often mourned! 
I found a plain white shirt that does, currently, fit.
(It's white which means not white after the first few times he wears it, making it the perfect candidate for my project)
I carefully cut out the image on the front of his "favorite" shirt...
And pinned it in place on the shirt that fits!
Then I zigzag stitched it in place, adjusting my stitch to a .9 length and a 4.5 width.
It's not perfect, there is a little bit of a wave where the two fabrics meet, but now I'm the one with a super-human ability to save beloved shirts from becoming too small!
And what did Noah think of all this?
He was pretty skeptical about my ability to save his shirt, and at first he didn't even want me to try...
I think it's safe to say that he is no longer a skeptic!
The doer of laundry...
The finder of lost toys...
The maker of dinner, and now...
The savor of favorite shirts!


  1. I LOVE how you can make that boy smile! That's a thousand-watt smile you earned!!!

    1. I know, I would do almost anything for that smile! It's like a great big bonus on my "mom-check"!