Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 17th Local Craft Sale! Come Join Me!

So, on November 17th, I will take the plunge...
And participate as a vendor at a local craft sale!
The sale will be held from 11-2pm at Marva Jolly's house, 4596 S Jason St, and there will be homemade soap vendors, handmade cards, handmade jewelry, and more!
I am so excited!
I thought I'd give you a sneak peak at what I intend to vend!
This is sort of a last minute opportunity, Marve had a vendor cancel and asked a friend of mine if she knew anyone who would be interested..
Me!  Me!  I'm interested, pick me!
but since this is somewhat last minute, I have a limited amount of time to build up my stock!
I will be suspending several items that are currently for sale in my Etsy shop in order to display them at the craft sale.
 Items like these sweet and sparkly infant headbands...
And these sassy little hair clips...
And I'm really excited to be able to talk about and demonstrate my reusable snack bags in person!

 And I thought I'd bring along my cozy cowls as well!

I hope to have enough time to make at least one more, but 3 is a good start and they can always be special ordered!
And since this guy was so fun and easy to make I thought I'd bring him, and create a few friends for him as well!
5 ought to be enough to start, don't you think?!
 And then there are the dresses...
I haven't decided how many or even which ones I will bring to sell yet, but I plan to have a decent variety!
Of course, my yarn beckons and I will have to try to get at least a couple of baby leg warmers completed for the sale...
 Not to mention my irresistible collection of fabric, just begging to be made into all sorts of sweet and sassy things!
This is a fantastic opportunity to gather unique, and locally handmade Christmas gifts and ideas!
Please make an effort to stop by on November 17th to check out the craft sale, and to say hi!
Remember, 11-2 on Sat November 17th... 4596 S Jason St on the corner of Jason and Tufts!
And naturally, I will be blogging my progress as I kick myself into high production gear!
Wish me luck!

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