Saturday, November 17, 2012


Today's Craft Sale was a success, and I want to say a special thank you to everyone who stopped by!
This is what my area looked like first thing this morning after careful set up!
Marva has a lovely home, and we were able to lay everything out with no trouble!
The kitchen was a great location...closest to all the wonderful refreshments...and the warm scent of pumpkin cake and banana bread added a cozy ambiance!
I started the day with 7 sweet little owls, and I ended the day with one lonely little owl lovey!
Bringing a few paintings to sell was a last minute decision this morning, but it proved to be a good one as I am pleased and proud to say that I sold 3 of the 6 that I brought!
Selling my art is always a special joy because while I put care and effort into everything I make, my paintings are a more personal expression and it's nice to have that appreciated!
The festive tree of hair clippies was my mom's genius idea, super cute, sparkly, and fun to look at!
And of course time flies when you're having fun...
And it was soon time to pack up my significantly diminished stock and head out, exhausted, satisfied, and so happy with my first craft fair experience!
I think we will make this sale an annual event, and I may just broaden my horizons next year and try my hand a few more craft fairs!
Thanks again to all of you who came out and made this day extra special, and thank you, Marva, for opening your home and hosting the sale!!!
Of course, the best part of my day was coming home to my very favorite super hero...
 Super Noah!


  1. Looks and sounds like major success! I was thinking about you this weekend and am glad it went well!

  2. It was such a pleasure and a privilege to be able to assist you with your inaugural craft fair. I am so impressed with your style, flair and professional products. It was a great day, and I'm so glad you are thinking of expanding this venue next year. (Proud it is we are of you!) :-)