Sunday, November 25, 2012

And We're Back!

It's so nice to have had Thanksgiving a little earlier this year, it feels good to know that it is still November and while Christmas is marching steadily closer, it's not here yet!!!
So before we start gearing up for Christmas, how about a Thanksgiving Break recap?
Well, we ate...
And ate...
And ate...
And ate!
And once we were done eating...
There were leftovers!
Once Thanksgiving was over we headed home where it was decided (by Noah) that it was time to retire the toddler bed and bring in the big boy bed!
So out with the old...
And in with the new!
(And he's not excited or anything!)
And it just wouldn't be a new bed if it wasn't christened with a flying leap onto brand new sheets!
And to round out the day, we decorated for Christmas!
Carefully placing every Elmo ornament we have, and we have many, all in a cluster at the bottom of the tree!
And then it was back to enjoying the larger playing space in Gigi's room now that Noah's bed has been moved out of it!
Someone knows exactly who is in charge!
And then, of course, it was time to eat again!


  1. Love the spaghetti face! (But more than anything, I know that face on the child who absolutely knows she is in charge!! So familiar!) :-)