Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Very Pretty V-Stitch

I recently posted this gorgeous purple cowl to my Etsy Shop, and the reason I'm bringing it up now is that I made it using what is rapidly becoming my favorite crochet stitch, the V-stitch and I wanted to share a quick tutorial on the stitch itself!
(run-on sentence much?!)
It's called the V-stitch because when you crochet two in one on the bottom and leave a space at the top it looks, suprisingly enough, like a V...
I love it because it looks elegant, it adds a slight texture to the cowl, and it's fun to do!
Ok, I'm currently working on the same cowl in a heather grey, so I will be using it to demonstrate the stitch.
To begin you want to create a chain, for instructions on casting on and creating a chain go HERE,
When you are ready to turn, chain three...
yarn over...
skip two stitches and enter through both loops (similar to the way you would for a double crochet)
It should look like this, then yarn over again...
And take the center two loops and pull them over the top strand...
It should look like this.
Now you will yarn over one more time, and pull the bottom two loops over the top leaving you with one loop on the hook.
Now chain one...
and yarn over...
Then re-enter in the same place that you did the first stitch.
And repeat the same process as the first stitch.  There is your V!
Now, chain one, skip a stitch, yarn over and enter through the top of the second stitch (again like a double crochet, in fact, this part of the stitch is just like a double crochet) yarn over again and pull the middle two loops over the top.  Yarn over and pull the bottom two loops over the top loop.
Then just repeat and repeat and repeat!
To clarify, the pattern is skip one, v-stitch, skip one, double crochet, over and over!
 The other day I decided to combine the v-stitch with a thicker yarn, the yarn on the right is the standard worsted weight yarn that I normally use.
I love grey, but I wanted a pop of color, so I chose a bright yellow to go with it.
I really like the way it turned out, the heavier yarn is still super soft, but the combination of the heavy yarn and the v-stitch made it chunky and full of texture!
 I'm going to need another one of these babies, but next time I think I'll make it just a little bigger, this one is great, but a little more snug than I generally like.
Still cute, though!


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