Monday, October 15, 2012

Boo to You...and Chocolate Too!

Last night, we made chocolate covered marshmallows!
The idea was to make ghosts and cats and such, but it turned into a dip and sprinkle free for all!
It started with a bag of Nestles white chocolate chips, and a bag of their semi sweet chocolate chips, and two double boilers...
(a pot of heated water with a glass bowl on top)
We used colorful cocktail stirrers to skewer our mallows...
I attempted to dye half of the white chocolate orange so we could make pumpkins, but the food coloring reacted badly with the chocolate and it seized up.
Confection perfection? 
While they may not be beautiful works of art fit to adorn Martha Stuart's table...
We sure enjoyed them!
I mean is there any greater testimonial to deliciousness than chocolate all over your face?
And when the stick fails, don't be shy...
just use your hands!


  1. It's a great idea! (I wonder if melted Reeses peanut butter chips would look "orange" enough for Halloween? Or butterscotch chips?)

    1. You can buy orange melting chocolates at places like Walmart and craft stores in the cake decorating isle! They work perfectly for Halloween! :)

  2. Aren't chocolate covered marshmallows fun!? How funny that we were both thinking the same thing! ;)

    1. Oh, and when it comes to coloring white will want to use icing gels that you can buy in the cake decorating isle... ok. I'm done now! :)

    2. Lol! Great minds!!! Thanks for the tips, I didn't even think about chocolate from a craft store!