Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 2, Project #1 Done and Done!

So, project #1 is complete, and now Gigi has a very cute bubble romper to add to her wardrobe!
The super stretchy neckline makes the romper easy to get on and off...
And I added three ruffles for decoration at the collar...
but the best part by far are the two little pockets...
Gigi loved the pockets so much that she kept pretending to take things out of them and bring them to me!
I love to hear her baby speak..."Hee you doe!"
Translation...Here you go!
She doesn't look particularly happy here, but actually she is saying cheese and is just exasperated with how long it took me to get the camera ready!
All in all the romper was a success, not bad for two hours of sewing!
And on to day 3 which may pose a sewing challenge since I will be meeting Noah's preschool class at a pumpkin patch for most of the early afternoon, followed by shortened naps, and soccer at 5pm!
Stay Tuned!


  1. An adorable pattern! Love the pockets! (I believe you worked for more than two hours on Monday, so I suggest you give yourself and your family a break and take today off from this goal. Enjoy!)

    1. Thanks! I'm loving the sewing, though, it's theraputic! We'll see how tha day goes!