Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 7 of the KCWC! Phew!

I may have done a little baking on Friday, but I also did a little sewing! 
For example, I completed the bloomers pictured above to coordinate with what I am calling Gigi's Retro Chic "Lucy" Dress because it makes me think of I Love Lucy!
In case you're wondering, I also fixed the little problem of the tag in front!
I love this pattern, the crossover pinafore is my all time favorite!
I completed this little number on Friday as well, and although it is being posted for sale in my
Etsy Shop, I figured since it was made for an infant it counts as part of the KCWC!
Yesterday was a bit tricky since we journeyed down to Colorado springs to visit family, but I managed to get started on these sweet little baby leg warmers...
Which I finished today!
I'm actually pretty proud of this simple crocheted spiral flower!
These too can be found in my Etsy shop!
And, I have started working on yet another style of baby leg warmers...
As you can see, I'm about halfway there!  I'm such a fan of baby leg warmers, there is nothing more annoying than fighting with tights, and baby, while trying to change a diaper when it's cold!
Not to mention what an absolutely adorable fashion statement they make!!!
And with all this sewing activity we still managed some time for playing in the leaves!
Don't ask me how I got this picture!
Oh Noah!
And witness the awesome cuteness of the leg warmers!!!
I love the fall!

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  1. I love the crocheted spiral flower! (Sew Unique!) And love the pics of my grandchildren in the leaves!!! (How DID you get that photo of Gigi with the facial leaf! Amazing!)