Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Incredible Reusable Snack Bags!

As a mom, I am never without snacks, and I sometimes cringe at the number of zip loc baggies we go through in a week...
But plastic containers are bulky...
Then one day I noticed that my friend Amy had reusable pouches for her snacks, and I thought...
I can do that!
And I can go one step greener by making them with my fused grocery bags!!!
So I raided my scrap fabrics and came up with these classy chevron pieces...
And got to work!
I double stitched the edges to protect against any possibility of leaks,
Sewed Velcro all the way across the opening to prevent spillage,
And voila!  Kermit would be so proud...of my greenness!
Want some for yourself?
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