Wednesday, October 10, 2012

P is for Pumpkins...and Pants!

So, the day started out with a visit to the Anderson Farms Pumpkin Patch with Noah's preschool class...
And it wasn't just pumpkins, there were animals to look at too!
There's a handsome guy!
And if you can't find your way through the maze, then you better just crawl under the wall to escape!
And is there anything sweeter in all the world?!!!
I don't think he enjoyed himself at all!
The second part of the day involved KCWC, and an hour spent making a new pair of pants for Noah...
They are my basic cargo pant with four pockets...
 And made out of some dapper plaid material I found in the remnants bin!
Noah tested them out this evening before bed...
And decided they were pretty cool!
Gigi wanted to get in on the modeling...
So she pushed Noah back up against the door, stood next to him and yelled cheese until I took the picture!
Good Grief :)

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  1. Great job matching the plaid pattern on the seams!!!! (And I must say that I just adore your models!)