Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Halloweeny Weekend!

As you all know...
This year we are the bat family!
(Costume tutorial found HERE)
And this weekend we got a lot of mileage out of our costumes!
Beginning with a costume clad birthday party...
Complete with a practice trick-or-treat session...
 Which the kids really enjoyed!
Gigi is an expert treat gatherer now, primed and ready for the real deal on Wednesday!
(Note the bling added to her bat suit!)
After the party we headed over to the Englewood Rec Center's Halloween Carnival!
Where we met up with good friends, played in the ball pit, jumped in the bouncy house,
Got to sneak up on what was surely the REAL
And Sunday brought yet more festivities with our church's costume party!
As you may remember, we take pumpkin decorating seriously...
Well, ok, not that seriously!
And decorating with our good friends Brennon and Connor made the decorating extra fun!
Or course, there were games to play too...
The favorite being musical chairs!
And once the party was over...
We headed home to carve up the one million pumpkins we have now collected!
We didn't actually carve them all...
One of them became a potato head style princess...
And the pumpkin guts proved to be just too icky for Gigi who stuck her hand in only once and could not be persuaded to do so again!
The squirrels in our neighborhood are a bit aggressive, and they carved one of the pumpkins for us!
But we got Bert and Ernie and a cat out of the process, who all look fabulous next to the princess who has clearly fallen and cannot get up!
I gotta say, I am loving the bat costumes, comfortable, warm, easy on easy off, and no small pieces to lose! 
After a long weekend of Halloweeny festivities and messy treats
The costumes were in need of a washing, and I'm pleased to say that they came through the wash with no trouble at all!
So that's 3 Parties down and one more to go before we even get to the trick-or-treating!


  1. There is an interesting shadow effect in the full family photo that makes it look like you and Josh are almost touching the ceiling. Is that a setting on your camera, or just the angle? So cute! I love that photo!

    1. That picture was taken with our point and shoot, and it was totally luck that we were even all visible in the shot! Glad it looks like a special affect!