Friday, October 5, 2012

Projects in Motion!

So, just a quick update on today's preschool snack...
I asked Noah if his friends liked the bat cookies and Bb bananas, and his response was...
"Oh yes!  They sure did...I just couldn't believe it!"
Yes!  Nailed it!!!
In other news, it's been project central around here for the past two weeks...
All of a sudden, Gigi has outgrown most of her clothes....
So I've been working to refill her wardrobe...
I just love to see my little tags!
I have also been working to finish up an order for my best friend Niki who requested several cowls, and something a little different...
Adult leg warmers!
Can't you just see them over leggings with a pair of sweet flats?
And they can be worn inside tall boots with just the top showing for a bit of interest and style!
I'm hoping to make myself a pair soon, and possibly add them to my Etsy shop, so stay tuned...
And my most recent project, was to create a purse for my Aunt Cindy who admired my diaper bag/purse so much she wanted her own!
I just love working with new fabrics, coordinating colors and's such a nerdy joy!
 But there is something so satisfying about bringing separate concepts together into one cohesive creation!
Hmmm...this too may need to join the Etsy club soon...
So many projects, so little time!
And darned if Christmas isn't just around the corner!  Geez!


  1. Sew much beauty! Sew much creativity! Sew You! (Or Sew U!) Love the owl applique on Gigi's romper! And Aunt Cindy's purse is exquisite!!! Great job, babe!

    1. It is SEW nice to have a cheerleader! Thanks mom!