Friday, September 14, 2012

The Sippy Cup Leash!

Sippy cups are the bane of my existence...
we lose them, we drop them, we throw them on the ground...
It's and endless cycle of frustration!
So here is my solution...
The Sippy cup leash!
Gigi loves it so much I had to scramble to get this shot...hence the blurryness!
So, want to make your own?
It's a super easy, 10-15 minute project!
Start by using a piece pf yarn to measure the middle of your sippy cup...
because we want the stitches to be small and tight, we will be using a size F crochet hook!
Then create a chain the same length as your measured string.
If you need a reminder of how to make a chain, reference my cowl tutorial HERE and I'll walk you through it.
Now we will use the Double crochet stitch for the next 5 rows of the leash.
To turn around, chain 3, then skip 2 and enter the third stitch.
For the double crochet stitch, start by yarning over...
Then push the crochet hook through both sides of the stitch...
Then yarn over
Now pull the top yarn (on the left) through the first 3 loops...
This should leave you with 2 loops.  Now you want to yarn over again and pull it through the bottom 2 loops
leaving you with one loop again!
Now repeat over and over until you have 5 rows! Don't forget to chain 3 and skip 2 at the end of every row when you turn around!
Your finished piece should look like this...
Now you need to sew on your button.
Start by sewing one of your yarn "tails" (the left over yarn once you've tied off) and sew it to the middle of one end.
Now sew you button in place.
Use the loop on the other side as a button hole.
You're almost there!
Now create a longer chain for the "leash" portion.
You can make it as long or short as you want.
Tie your ends together securely...
And you're done!
Gigi is such a fan...
That she decided to wear it as a necklace!
 Yes!!! Sippy Cup Bling!


  1. Sew cute in CO!!! (It looks like Gigi matured into a young lady just in the short while that we were out of town!)

  2. You need an ETSY shop! I'd be a good customer~ :)