Thursday, September 13, 2012

Priceless Works of Art!...and Other Nonsense!

when Noah sits down to paint on paper, it's like a race to see how many pictures he can paint at once, and it's a scramble for me to find enough places to let them dry out of reach of baby sister or the kitty!
And then, of course, we have piles of priceless artwork and not so many places to display it!
When given his own inexpensive canvas to paint on, Noah is suddenly and inexplicably compelled to slow down, take his time, and really put effort and thought into what he paints!
It's a fun activity, and the canvas makes an excellent keepsake...or gift for any proud grandparent!
Don't forget to protect yourself...gotta love my beautiful hand print apron!
Such focus, such creativity, such fun...And, because they were so excited to paint on canvas, they cleaned up their other messes double time!
It's all about the motivation!
Even Gigi had fun...
Until her hand got messy!
So proud!
So silly!


  1. (Should you have declared a "Spoiler Alert" before I started reading? I hope this isn't spoiling our Christmas surprises!) What title did Noah give to this creation? He always has such thoughtful titles for these compositions!

    1. No spoiler alert, we are keeping this one! And he titled it berry patch because the big red ring is strawberries!