Friday, September 28, 2012

Good Friday!

The day started with a brisk run to school...
Noah kept up a swift pace the whole way!
I love that he loves school so much!
Gigi lines up and waves good bye to me almost every time we drop Noah off...
sigh, not yet baby girl!
 Then we were off for a walk through the cool fall air where we ran into this little beauty, 
and an opportunity to practice with my new camera!
Followed by coffee...
With my girls!
And even nap time was super productive!
I finished all of the curtains and slip covers for the cabin...
And managed to make Noah a pj shirt to match his new fleece pj pants!
And lest you should think me too proud...
Ask me if I swept and mopped the kitchen floor like I planned, or folded the laundry, or if I unloaded the dishwasher...
Just remember, this is a Happy Crafty Blog, not an ode to Mr. Clean!  :)


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  1. It looks like it was a GREAT Friday! Me, too! Me, too!