Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Bzz is Back...and this Time it's all about Glade Expressions!

My Glade Expressions Bzz kit arrived the other day and it included 2 coupons, one for a FREE Glade Expressions oil diffuser starter kit (pictured above left) and one for a FREE Glade Expressions fragrance mist starter kit (above Right). Bzzagent sent me the kit with the coupons so that I could try the products and share my opinions!
So I immediately...
after the laundry was finished, the kids had napped, and the dishwasher was unloaded...
ran out and picked up my free stuff!
How the house smells is very important to me as we have two kids and a kitty!
All of whom contribute their fair share of smellyness!
So, let's start with the oil diffuser first.
I was little nervous about the scent, Glade offers 3 options in the oil diffuser, pineapple & mangosteen, Fuji apple & cardamom, and lavender & juniper berry.
Luckily, the box had a handy dandy scent spot so I could smell what I liked before I bought it.
 I usually keep a candle on the shelf in the laundry room, kitty Raja's domain, to keep things fresh.
 So when I saw the oil diffuser, I thought that would be the perfect spot to test it!
The oil diffuser lived up to its advertised strengths, it was easy to put together, the packaging is spill proof and attractive, and within minutes I could smell a difference.
I'm not in love with the fragrance, it smells like a dryer sheet, not unpleasant, but a little soapy.
Soapy is better than ode de kitty, however!
Conclusion?  I like it in my laundry room, but I wouldn't use it for the rest of the house.
Ok, on to the fragrance mist!
Glade offered one extra scent choice in addition to the fragrances listed above, and I chose it with enthusiasm, Cotton & Italian mandarin sounded lovely!
And for me it's a no brainer on where the mist should be kept...
The fragrance mist advertises an easily refillable system, and since the refills are less expensive than many of the other sprays, I appreciate the savings.
So, I gave a test spray before leaving the house to run some errands...
And was pleasantly surprised when I returned and still smelled the freshness in the air!
Hmmm, Glade may have a winner here as far as I'm concerned!
So, that's what I think, now what do you think?!
Do you use Glade?
Do the new scents appeal to you?
What do you think about Glades new refillable products?


  1. I haven't gotten my kit yet, but depending on the coupons in there, you could ally stock up. I've seen on a few blogs that with coupons that they can be free.

    1. The coupons are great, $4 off of the oil diffuser and $2 off of the mist!

  2. I bought the pineapple & mangosteen oil diffuser because that was all they had at my store. I thought it would be stinky, but I actually really like it and Jared does too.

    1. Awesome! I'll have to try that one too! Thanks for sharing the Bzz!