Monday, September 24, 2012

The Pajama Factory!

It was all about the pajamas again today!
I was churning out pajama pants like a factory...
 I purchased a couple of fleece fabric remnants a few weeks ago, and I decided it was time to get them out.
The really cool thing about fleece is that it won't fray...
Which means that you don't have to waste time finishing those edges!
Which makes the easy pj pants (click HERE for the tutorial) crazy easy, allowing you to make 3 pairs in one nap time instead of just one!
But, the coolest project of the day was this simple owl applique!
Taking one of Noah's old plain white T's, I cut out a single owl from the left over fleece scraps.
To find the middle of the shirt, I just folded it in half and pinned the owl in place.
Remember that zig zag stitch? 
I used it to sew all the way around the owl, thereby attaching it to the shirt and creating a simple, fabulous, and Sew Unique little pajama top!
Gigi thought it was a great idea and demanded to wear it at once!
 Noah liked his pants too...
So we basically just had one big pajama party all afternoon!

I love days like this!


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