Sunday, September 9, 2012

I love Fall in Colorado!

We decided to take nap on the road today and enjoy the fall colors!
 The colors cooperated...the kids weren't quite so easy!
 It was almost painfully beautiful!
Yay!  A photo with all of us in it!
There's a happy camper!
Gigi enjoyed hiking.
Of course we had to collect treasures, one rock and two yellow leaves! 
 (If only he would always be this easy to please!)
You just can't beat these views!
Noah took this one!
He claims he wants to hike up a mountain!
Gigi just wanted to snuggle with mommy...I'm cool with that!
Ready to head out.
Gigi knows how to have fun on a road trip!
Gotta love Colorado!
What?  You like my shorts?  Want to make your own? 
Check out tomorrow's Post and I will include the tutorial!




  1. So, where did you go for this trip? Did I miss all the colors already?! It isn't even the 15th of September! Great photos of all of you! (If I'm not mistaken, I believe your new shorts coordinate with Noah's plaid shorts and Gigi's plaid dress!)

    1. You are so observant! Yes, I love that fabric! We drove up Guenilla Pass and hiked near Bierstadt Mountain. A lot of the trees hadn't changed in the lower elevations, the major color was higher up. It was just gorgeous!

  2. Thanks, Bec! I don't think it was possible to take a bad picture up there!