Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rocky Mountain High!

Got to spend the weekend in Estes Park!
 We had to make a stop for black Bing Cherry juice, and some cherry butter...for favorite!
 Got to stay in a great hotel where we were spoiled by loving grandparents, what more could we ask for?
Well, great views...
 And maybe coffee by the river...
ok, a playground would be good...
And the pool was pretty cool too!
 Ok...VERY cool!
It was bit bit chilly after swimming, though, so warm baths were a necessity!
Just a casual picnic by the water...water?!
reservoir water that is!
"Hey, mom!  I think the clouds are playing hide and seek with the sun...they haven't found her yet!"
Anything you can do...
Me too me too!
Pretty amazing to have a picture of all of us together!
We stopped for a hike around Lily Lake, so cute how they hold hands!
Noah gave me flowers and told me Happy Birthday!  I just never get enough of this!
So he stopped on these rocks and posed for me, then a few minutes later, Gigi stopped, looked at me and said, "cheese!" And when I didn't immediately react, she stomped her foot, pointed to my camera and said "CHEESE!"
But soon after that she decided she was all done...
And that's when she graduated to the best seat in the house!
 We stopped to check out some then they came over to check us out!
It was such a great weekend, that I just had to share it with you!


  1. It looks like you managed to fit a lot of activity into an overnight trip!! Good job! Love the photos!

  2. (What exactly does Gigi have on her head in the photo where she's sitting on her dad's shoulders?) Cute! :-)

  3. I love Estes Park! We need to move back to Colorado! It looks like you guys had a great time!