Thursday, January 31, 2013

Maybe if I make beautiful pillows they won't notice the ugly couch!

The pillows on my couch have been begging to be replaced for a while now, a fact that I have been aware of, but have been ignoring in favor of other more interesting projects.
Until last week when Joshua turned to me and said "we could really use some new couch pillows!"
Say What?!  
You know it's bad when the boys start noticing, so that lit a fire under me and I stopped at Hobby Lobby and picked up two 18x18 pillows...
And two yards of sunny yellow chevron material...
I used the same process to make the covers as I did before in my previous blog post HERE.
And I must say that they look much better, are much more comfortable, and will be much easier to clean than their predecessors.
But here's the real test...
Ahhhh yes!
Hurray for the new pillows, now if only I could sew myself a new couch!

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