Monday, January 21, 2013

Oh For the Love of Morning Star Farms!

It's time again for me to share some exciting BZZ with you, and this time I have the privilege of telling you about our long standing love affair with Morning Star!
Now, first things first, I must tell you that I am a bzz agent, and I received a coupon for a free Morning Star product to try along with a few coupons to hand out, but my opinions are my own, shared honestly, and freely!
A lot of times when I am called upon to share the bzz about a product, it is a product that is, if not new in existence, then new to me.
But I must admit that I have been a Morning Star Farms fan for years!
I love to heat up their garden veggie patties or spicy black bean burgers add a slice of tomato and a piece of cheese for a light lunch or dinner!
I love that the they have 74% less fat than a beef burger, and I love that they are so delicious, but I really love how much my kids love them!
Noah likes his breakfast sausage with ketchup...
While Gigi goes in with both hands, no condiments necessary!
And the veggie patties are a great alternative to regular chicken nuggets!
I highly recommend the Morning Star Farms meatless products, for flavor, for their low cost, and as a healthy alternative to beef!
Now that you've heard my opinion on the matter, what do you think about Morning Star?
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  1. I really like the product, too, since you introduced me to them. (But I can't remember how much protien is in each patty.) I'll have to put them on my list for my next grocery visit!!!