Wednesday, January 23, 2013

An Organized Soul...or Car at Least!

 Over the summer I got a little frustrated with the state of our car, and after failing to find a satisfactory solution in the stores, I finally made my own!
Say hello to the car organizer for books!
When I made this, Gigi was still in her bucket car seat so I neglected to make one for her.
The other day, in one of those crazy mom moments, I buckled her into Noah's car seat by mistake and though she looked at me funny, she sat there happily enjoying access to the books in Noah's organizer!
Whoops!  guess it's time to make her one too!
I raided my scraps and came up with a fun combination of patterns and colors and got to work...
It's a simple design using one long double sided piece for the back and four smaller double sided pieces for the pockets...
I won't bore you with the details, but I put the whole thing together and finished the edges with bias tape, and...
Inspired, I think, by the spring like weather we have been having, Joshua spent a lot of time on Sunday cleaning the car from top to bottom, so take a long look because it's likely that it won't stay this clean for long...
But I think with both book organizers in play, it will hopefully never get that messy again!
Love the concept?
Want your own?
Visit my Etsy shop where I have just listed this little beauty!


  1. very cool! you are so talented! Danielle

  2. So, how does Gigi like having her own library at her side in the car?! I want one! (Only I need it with only maybe three pockets, to hang over the back of the passenger seat!) (But first I need to commission a purse from you!) :-)