Sunday, December 22, 2013

Thank you 2013!!

When I was little, I made lists of things that I wanted for Christmas...
Now that I'm...lets not say older, lets say more organized, I still make lists...
Of things I am grateful for!
So here is my "Things I am Grateful for 2013" list!
I'm grateful for big things, like trips to Italy...
And little things, like a great selfie on the Ponte Vecchio in Italy...
 And big things like pictures of the entire family where everyone is at least looking at the camera!
And little things, like great spaghetti!!!
And big things like baby wipes, lots and lots of baby wipes!
And little things, like perfect accessories!
And big things like pre-school graduations!  (Behold!  The future!)
And little things like post its!
 And big things like long standing snuggly traditions...
 And little things, like Scotch tape!
And big things, like nap time!! (Moms will understand why I consider naps a big thing ;-)
And little things like great big smiles!
"If you're worried, and you can't sleep...
Just count your blessings instead of sheep!"
-Bing Crosby White Christmas

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