Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Traditions Part 2

Ok, tradition number 2...
The jewelry tree.
This tradition was also passed on to me by my grandma Stone, and it must have been a very popular project for women in the 50s because when I Googled the process to figure out how to get started, I came upon a wealth of similar creations!
For me, it just wasn't Christmas until we pulled out the jewelry tree.  
The combination of sparkle and shine was enough to keep me entranced for hours...ok, not hours, lets say long minutes at a time!
One jewelry tree, 3 sisters!
Put on my big girl crafting pants and make one for each of us!
When my grandmother passed, my grandpa gifted me with the majority of her collected costume jewelry
 and crafting supplies,
 so I had a supply of meaningful sparkles to use...
The hardest part was dividing it all up...
I used foam core board for the tree and left over wood paneling for the backing!  And I got that idea directly from the original!
I spray glued red felt to the wall board, and painted the tree green, Josh drilled the holes for me which led me to decide that my grandma must have been one bad#$! crafter because I know for a fact that my grandpa never touched a power tool in his life!
The rest of the process was mostly a matter of gluing and arranging...
I did mine first as a practice run, but it went well, so...
Dyanna's was next...
Followed closely by Rebecca's!
I tried to make each one special based on who it would belong to, but I did follow my original form pretty closely...
One piece that I did add to each tree was a penny from heaven (something my Grandpa Sacco used to say).  The pennies have each of our birthdays on them, and they just bring the tradition full circle for me.
I could not be prouder of the finished projects!
And now my kids spend long...minutes enjoying the sparkle and shine!


  1. Love! Grandma Nash had one too! Must have been a Woodford thing.

  2. I cannot even express how much I love this! Wow!!!! So super, I'm making one! Love Love Love!

    1. Thank you Bethany! You should make one!!! Send me a picture if you do!