Monday, December 16, 2013

Traditions Part One!

This is the time of year when we all trot out our long standing family traditions and parade them around for everyone to see, right?
Ok, well, I have a couple to share, the first is the stocking...
And not just any stocking, my stocking, an elaborate affair of sequins and appliques made by my grandmother about 32 years ago...
And my Son's stocking, also an elaborate affair of sequins and appliques made by me roughly 5 years ago...
Which brings us to Gianna's stocking, and possibly the real reason I won't be having any more children!!
It too is an elaborate affair of sequins and appliques made by me over a 2 year period and finally completed yesterday!
Each of these fancy treats represents at least an hour of my life, I kid you not!
And believe it or not the instructions called for a like number of elaborate treats to be attached here at the top as well! ( If you look closely you can still see the faint outline of where things were to be placed!)
I vetoed the extra extravagance, however, and simplified the top portion which I think looks just as good this way!
So here we are, all ready and waiting for Santa...notice that Josh is missing?
Never fear, as soon as I recover from making Gianna's I fully intend to begin his.  He's a little less than enthusiastic about this design, and to be honest I originally chose this one for Gianna's before I found the sugar plum fairy design which I deemed more appropriate for my baby girl...
I'm thinking maybe I can edit in a little more manly pizazz for this stocking...perhaps an Indiana Jones style hat and a bull whip instead of a broom?  Stay tuned for the results...Next year!


  1. SO impressive, wow! Can't wait to see Josh's next year :)

    1. Lol! I think that makes you my biggest fan!! Thinking of you a lot lately and I will b sending you a long elaborate email as soon as I catch my breath!

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