Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Shared Tradition!

So originally, and up until just a very short time ago, I thought that the jewelry tree my Grandma Stone made was completely unique.
And it is in a lot of ways, except as I mentioned in my earlier post, the actual project was very popular in the 50's.  I haven't been able to find very much about the actual origin of the project, but basic Google searches produce a wide array of similar images.  I even found several for sale at exorbitant prices on Ebay and Etsy!
And I learned today that at least one of my grandmother's 3 sisters also made one!
My mom's cousin, who is so awesome that she is lovingly referred to as 
"The Barb" by her daughters, was kind enough to share a picture of her mother's tree...
There are some differences between this tree made by Doris, Barb's mother, and my grandmother's tree...
But aren't they amazing?!!
And, I believe I already mentioned how awesome "The Barb" is, but I'm about to prove it...
She and her daughter, my second cousin (are we confused yet?), Julie of Julielynndesign, worked together to create this display which is both beautiful and functional!
Unlike the trees, the heirloom jewelry in this display can be removed and worn!
They used batting to pad the underside of the green velvet, and the pins are able to slide into the velvet when displayed, or they can be easily be removed and worn!
So pleased and proud to discover that I come from a long line of happy crafty women!

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