Monday, January 13, 2014

Everybody Needs a Little Cake

So, lets talk cake, and not just any cake, lets talk about the very best cake you've ever eaten.
I mean, dense and moist, light and creamy, roll your eyes to the sky in absolute wonder at the indulgence and the silent acknowledgment that you will be having a second piece kind of cake!
Ever had a cake like that?
I have...
Allow me to introduce you to Sweet Little B's...
 an online bakery run by my good friend, Bethany...
Bethany's cakes are partially organic, completely non-GMO, and absolutely delicious!
Bethany doesn't do fondant, she does flavor, and she will decorate a cake any way you want it, from the whimsical to the naughty, and everything in between!
The philosophy of Sweet Little B's is that dessert is not just for special occasions, and in honor of that concept, Bethany has created what she calls "Baby Cakes" 4" round multi layered miniature cakes able to feed 2-4 people, and perfect for any occasion, or non-occasion!
This particular cake is my all time favorite, dark chocolate love cake filled w chocolate ganache, peppermint cream, and candy cane dust, and finished w classic vanilla Italian meringue buttercream, and while the cake itself is gorgeous, the inside layers are an absolute work of art...
Her buttercream frosting somehow manages to be light and creamy, and it is not overly sweet which makes it the perfect compliment to the rich and moist dark chocolate cake which in turn melts together into pure bliss with the smooth dense and absolutely sinful flavor of the ganache!
I cannot say enough about how glorious these cakes are, and honestly, words and even pictures just can't do these confections of perfection justice, you just have to try one for yourself!
Check out Sweet Little B's online at!

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