Friday, August 10, 2012

Ok, so the computer and I are not best friends.  In fact, we are more like hostile aquaintances which is why it has taken me this long to venture into the world of the Blog.  I want to do something, the computer wants to do somthing else; I want to search for fabric, the computer wants to show me porn; I want to set up a blog, and the computer wants to confuse me with old log ins, have me remember passwords from long ago, and won't let me upload pictures because they are too big!  Brace yourself, incoming "Office Space" reference...just me, the computer and a Louisville Slugger. 

Sigh, fortunately for me, I married a man gifted in the art of computer communication, and although I am forced to endure much teasing and ridecule (lovingly administered, of course) I do have some help.  Mostly, though, I feel like my son who, so accustomed to the I pod or pad, sometimes forgets that the computer doesn't have a touch screen! 

But despite my lack of technological skill, I am excited to finally be able to say I have a blog.  My goal with this blog is to share my compulsive need to be creative,  and to spotlight the things that make me HAPPY!

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