Thursday, August 23, 2012

Captured Moments?...Priceless!

So, I am blessed to have a very good and very talented friend who I have known since college.  In fact, she rescued this poor forlorn Freshman by letting me tag along with her veteran Sophomore self!  Well, she is now a super mommy of two gorgeous little boys, and a photographer with the eye of an artist.  (She's blushing right now, but it's so true!)

Bec's boys, Bryce and Carter with Noah and Gigi...the Good Time gang!
Oh those silly silly boys!
 Bec has been capturing moments for me since my son was born and I made the new mommy mistake of spending $100 for 5 lousy poses and an excruciatingly bad session at a chain store photography studio. 
No forced smiles or uncomfortably formal poses here!
 That's my girl!

And check out this handsome guy's smile! 
Yeah, there's my rascal! 
 Sigh...if you must!
And wait!  There's more!
        "How long do I get to be a big brother?"              
I think I have this exact image from 1983 with my own mother!
 "Did you know you weren't supposed to climb the stairs? Oh you did? That's what I thought!"
Doesn't this just make you want to giggle too?!

And wait a minute, wasn't she just two weeks old like a minute ago?!

One exhausted mommy, two bathed, fed and smartly dressed kids, three trips back to the house for forgotten items...and did I lock the front door? Four little yahoos running wild...
Moments captured on film?...
Thank you Bec!!!


  1. Shazaam! This is an amazing blog! It's definitely my very favorite blog!!! :-)

  2. I am blushing, thanks for the love :) It's not too hard to get good pics when you have such cute, beautiful, and awesome models!!!