Wednesday, August 29, 2012

All the Little Things!

Last week it was fall, this week, summer came back!
So today was all about the simple things!

Like Coffee!
or Gigi's shadow!
Like Noah saying, "I picked these flowers for you mommy because you're so loved!"
or the sprinkler!
and the garden...
...ok, actually, Noah and Joshua planted the garden, I, the plant assassin, was involved only as a bystander!
But look!
And another one!  You have no idea how excited these little squash...squashes? make me!  This garden began as seeds, we didn't even use starter plants, and now we have two squash!!!
The kids weren't quite as excited as I was.
 Little things like dandelions...
 that don't reconnect themselves to the ground when you drop them!
Like one million thorns in your shoe but none of them poked through!!!
 And...did I mention?
The Coffee!!!