Thursday, November 6, 2014

Because Dinosaurs Might Have Been Pink!

It's craft fair season again...Only 7 Fridays until Christmas!
 And that means you will find my in my creative work room, building up my stock for two upcoming events!
My first event is a Holiday Boutique Craft Sale in Pueblo on the River walk.  The sale is November 15 and 16 (My first two day event) hosted by Bellezza Boutique.
My second event is the Englewood High School Craft Fair happening on November 22nd.
I'm getting pretty excited, playing...I mean working with all my beautiful fabrics and coming up with new concepts and items to sell is one of my favorite things to do!
Since there isn't much time before my first sale, I thought I'd take the opportunity to begin my countdown and share some of the items I've been working on!
I'm particularly excited about my appliqued dinosaur shirts for girls!  A friend pointed out to me recently that while you can find unlimited quantities of princess everything for girls, you would be hard pressed to find anything as untraditionally girly as a dinosaur shirt!
Ridiculous!  Especially since I have a dinosaur loving 3 year old princess who, upon seeing this picture immediately added it to her Christmas wish list!
Of course, I didn't forget the boys...
And while I was at it I figured I should branch out just a bit...
So it's not exclusively prehistoric...
And I didn't leave out the little guys, either!
Stay tuned as I countdown over the next two weeks, revealing new items and gift ideas!

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