Friday, November 21, 2014

Condensed Countdown! (Otherwise known as where the heck did this week go?!)

So last weekend's event was a success!
Now it's on to the next, the Englewood High School craft fair which is tomorrow from 9:30-3!
I fully intended to continue my nightly countdown this week, but between workouts, sewing, fevers, and grocery shopping, I blinked and it was already Friday!
So instead, brace yourself for one long shameless display of fabulous gift ideas that will hopefully entice you who are able to come see me tomorrow at EHS!
Lets start with my diaper and wipes pouches, which are not only handy for mommies, but also for organizing your suitcase when you pack, as I mentioned in THIS POST you can put your socks and undies in the pouch and never lose them among all of your travel flotsam again!
And I have lots to choose from!
Next in line is a favorite from last year, the chap stick cozy!
Never lose your chap stick again!  It the perfect stocking stuffer!
Another fan favorite is the car trash bag, and although I sold out of these babies last week, I managed to create a few more for this weekend's sale!
This car trash bag can hang anywhere in your car, it's easy to clean, attractive, and it will never tip over!
And best of all, they are lined with fused grocery bags which make them earth friendly, and SEW UNIQUE!  (I had to go there, had to,,,)
Ok, now on to a personal favorite of mine, and new to the shop this year...
It's the wine tote bag!!!
Tis the season to bring wine...
And with this snazzy little secret pocket, you won;t forget the corkscrew!
The color combinations are stylish and unique, making this the perfect wine accessory gift for your hostess, your best friend, or even for yourself!!
And finally, do you want to know what the very best teacher gift is?  (besides the wine tote bag which is the perfect gift for almost anyone!)
It the hot/cold pack!
Good for anything from a stiff neck to a bum knee, to cold toes, these pouches are filled with rice which emits a soft toasty scent when warmed.
These babies are a life saver, and are guaranteed to be appreciated by anyone!
So there you have it, just a few tantalizing glimpses of what you will find if you stop by my table tomorrow between 9:30 and 3 at the Englewood High School craft sale!
Remember, there are only 4 more Fridays until Christmas!!!!

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