Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Stylish Essential for any Mommy!

My countdown continues with an item that is relatively basic, and not super exciting unless you happen to be a mom required to change diapers all day long and all kinds of locations and situations!
It's a changing pad!
With vinyl fabric on one side for easy clean up, and super soft fabric on the the other, this changing pad is versatile, soft, and stylish!
A life saver for all those emergency tailgate changes...
Or those random bathrooms lacking in changing table facilities...
Or those bathrooms with changing tables you don't want to touch (aka all bathroom changing tables!)
Great for those times when you have to change baby while visiting a friend who is without a changing table...
And how about those bathroomless parks?  Or parks with bathrooms you wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole?
The point is, now you can be prepared, practical, and stylish all at once!
And the best part is, they roll up into a compact bundle that will easily fit inside any diaper bag or purse!
You're Welcome!

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