Saturday, October 25, 2014

So You Want to be a Lego Movie Character for Halloween...

Since its premier last February, Noah has been obsessed with the Lego Movie...

And since big brother is just the coolest, Gigi is also a Lego Movie fan...
Ok, no problem, except there are no Lego Movie costumes to be had!  Anywhere!
I find myself in a position I never expected, I find myself actually wishing a movie was better merchandised!
Darn you Warner Bros!  Why can't you be more like Disney!  
I mean, I guarantee there will be no shortage of Elsas and Anas this Halloween, but just try to be UniKitty!  
Fine!  I'm a mom, I can do this!
I'll give you UniKitty...
And Benny the 1980s something space guy...
AND, I will even throw in Wild Style!
And I'll do it all with foam pieces cut and glued...
and my old fall back, sweatshirts with fabric paint!
I got this!
So take that, Lord Business!
Heh Heh!  ;-)

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  1. Oh how fun. I can't let Bryce see this post or he will think I am a bad mom ;) Love it!