Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Take minute and think back to Halloween when you were little...
Remember how excruciatingly long the day was as you waited for trick-or-treat time all through breakfast, dragged through lunch, and tried to speed your way through dinner?
Hold on to that feeling of excitement and expectation...
Now imagine that you woke up and realized that you forgot to go trick or treating?!
Complete devastation, right?
Well, as most of you know, we decorated for Halloween this weekend, and just before bed time, Gianna experienced this apocalyptic devastation when she all of a sudden turned to me and yelled, "Mom!  WE FORGOT TO GO TRICK OR TREATING!"
And then the lip quivered and the tears came, and no amount of desperate explanation made it any better, she was convinced that since we had decorated it must be trick or treat day!
It was heartbreaking, so...
I did what any self respecting, desperate mother would do, I created the nightly trick-or-treat from mommy solution! 
We now get jammies on, brush teeth, read books, and just before bed, the kids grab their trick-or-treat buckets and happily stand before me with grins a mile wide.  They utter that time worn phrase, and I place a small piece of candy in their bucket. 
The candy is not to be eaten until Halloween night when they are each allowed to select 3 pieces, but they seem to enjoy the game and the added anticipation.
 (It should be noted that Noah undertood the concept of Halloween being on the 31st just fine, but still thought the early trick-or-idea was genius!)
It was an unexpected, and unexpectedly intense moment!
We weathered the storm, and can I just say...