Thursday, March 21, 2013

Still Bzzing...this time it's shampoo!

So, today's bzz is all about the new garnier Fructis Hydra recharge shampoo, conditioner and 1-minute moisture treatment!  As a bzz agent, it is my job to try out the products, and share my honest opinion about said products!  To do this, I receive a very generous bzz kit containing, in this case, full size samples of the shampoo, conditioner, and treatment...YAY!
Not to mention, I now have coupons to share with those of you who are lucky enough to cross my path!
I will start by saying that I have not been a Garnier Fructis fan in the past, not that their products are bad, but mostly that they aren't great...
One of this products claims to fame, or at least uniqueness is the fact that the shampoo is infused with tiny moisture beads...
You can actually see and feel the beads, but they quickly dissolve in the water.  Although they give the shampoo an interesting look and texture, I didn't notice any extra moisturization or special effects produced by the beads so I'm not impressed. 
I will say, and I have no idea if it has anything to do with those beads or not, that the shampoo smells awesome, fresh and clean and just a little fruity!
The 1-minute moisture treatment says to apply it from roots to tips, which I don't normally do because of greasiness.  For the sake of testing the product, I did follow the instructions, and surprise surprise, my hair was weighed down and a bit greasy...
Using it on just the ends of my hair eliminated the greasy problem, but I have to say I still wasn't impressed with the moisturization, it's not that the products don't work exactly, it's just that they aren't anything special, 
So my final eval is that the Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge system is just ok, not bad, but not outstanding.


  1. You look like your hair smells great! (And you look amazing, too, as you always do! I'm so glad to gget to see you this way, since you have been so housebound this week! I needed to see your smile!)

    1. Thanks mom! That's what I was going for the great smelling hair look!! ;-)