Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Conclusion...

He washed the clothes...
He dried the clothes...
Sometimes, she helped...
He even folded his own clothes and put them away!
And, with a little help from a $1 donation from Auntie DyDy, Noah was ready to purchase his much anticipated Batman Tower!
Of course, the in store price may vary from online deals!!
Did you know that Target will match Amazon prices at the customer service counter?!!
Because explaining to this face, the economics of saving $5 by ordering the product online and waiting another week to receive it was not an option!
Ugh!  Sniff, my baby is so grown up!
He said, "Hey, mom?  Aren't you glad I paid for my Batman Tower instead of you guys paying for it?!"
No tears shed over the empty wallet...
And since the box clearly doubles as a boat, everybody wins!
And, on a side note...
Turns out Walmart is selling incredibly cute little girl babies for less than it costs to buy a Batman Tower!  

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  1. Way to go, Noah! And way to go Mom and Dad for the incredible lessons learned! (And way to smile, Gigi!!!!) I'm so proud of all of you!!!