Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mmmmmm Coffee?

It's time now for what's your BZZ?!
Well, hello bzz kit!  
As most of you already know, I am a bzz agent, and as such, I am frequently asked to try free samples of new products and to share my honest opinion of said products.
Today it is Nescafe Memento, a fancy frothy, instant coffee treat, and my generous bzz kit included 3 flavors, Carmel latte, cappuccino, and Mocha for me to try, as well as a packet of coupons for me to share!  
Ok, lets give it a try...
Seems easy enough...
We'll start with the Carmel latte, and since it's early and he needs the boost, we'll let Joshua have the first sample...
And the verdict is?...
Hmmm, Joshua is not impressed, wimpy flavor and no wow factor...
The best that can be said about this instant beverage according to Josh?
"It's good enough for camping..."
Ouch!  That's like having a good personality!
Ok, my turn, it looks good, nice and foamy (The box says they infused the powdered milk with air which gives is a super frothy texture that lasts)
But, I'm going to have to agree with Joshua, it's not bad, but it definitely lacks flavor, and the foam gets a little strange after a few sips...almost chewy...
So, my conclusion is...
The Nescafe Memento instant coffee beverage is convenient, but lacks impressive flavor.
I have to agree with Josh on this one, it's basically good enough for camping, but not for the kitchen!


  1. Oh you make me laugh! I'm not a coffee person, but love the review:)

  2. You rock! (How many calories? Too many and it is definitely relegated to camping!)

  3. The packaging makes it look so good! Bummer.