Monday, June 17, 2013

Climbing Baby Mountain...Or, how to add an extra room to your home in one laborious weekend!

For the last several years our basement has become our storage area, since we have no shed and no garage, all Christmas decorations, excess furniture, and most recently, all outgrown baby items have found their way into its depths...
(So, this is the spot where I would have put a demonstrative picture of said disaster, but I "forgot" to take one...actually, it was such an epic disaster that I didn't want to shock anyone into nominating us for an episode of Hoarders!)
Anyway, Josh's parents generously agreed to take the kids so we could dig out our basement!
We threw out, organized, and cleaned for hours, until finally it was time to tackle the floor to ceiling pile of outgrown baby items...
Behold!!!...Baby Mountain! 
Huh, that's not so bad!
Can I get an OMG?!
Can you spot the husband in this picture?...
How about the cat?
Well, I'm not going to lie, this was an epic undertaking, but when all was said and done, when all of the boxes had been gone through, when all of the baby extravaganza had been sold at consignment, donated to Good Will, or given to friends...
We were left with a reasonably organized pantry...
And an entire room (all be it an ugly one) full of potential!
Oh living room devoid of "stuff" how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways!

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