Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Charmed Life!

I can't believe June is almost over!
It's a cliche' but, time is really flying, so I thought I would do a snapshot blog to capture and share a few of those everyday moments that mean so much!
Ok, so what have we been up to...
Well, we tried piggy tails for the first time, and discovered that even though mommy really has no hair styling skills, Gigi looks darn cute anyway!
And she knows it!
I finally bought a new comforter for our bed (after a very long Goldilocks process...this comforter is too white, this comforter is too rough...this comforter is too girly etc!)
And then I had to make new pillow cases to jazz it up a bit!
Noah is learning to read, and Gigi is a very receptive audience!
And once, while spending time with Nonna...
We discovered a rainbow!
Noah has also been honing his stalling skills, coming out of his room at night "for just one more hug"...or because "I just wish I could have some mommy time!"...or "I just want to look at the moon with you for a minute!"...
Sometimes it works!
And, you already know about the basement undertaking...
It's a work in progress, and I'll keep you posted, but in the mean time, anyone interested in a plaid couch?
(junk included ;-)
We've been playing dress up...
Gigi sometimes gets confused about who is the good guy...
But, she's always happy to put on her cape and shout "Gigi towa WESCUE!" 
Whether you want to be rescued or not!
We still love to accessorize...
And we don't follow anyone's rules, if we want to wear sunglasses upside down, then we make it look good!
We love to rock out to music, especially when the music comes from our lantern/radio that can be carried anywhere!
And every week we do the laundry!
Hey!  The 
washer doors are at their level, so it makes sense for them to transfer the clothes!  No, really, they WANT to do it!
Ok, ok, they get paid for their efforts!
We love reading bedtime stories with daddy...
And chowing down on popcorn during movie night...
It's a charmed life!

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  1. What a great idea, to review the summer in pictures! I love this blog!