Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Yoga! Yoga! Yoga!!

As many of you know, I am a group exercise fitness instructor, I teach a 60 minute weight training class, and pilates classes...
Pilates is my passion, I love the focus on core strength, the increased sense of balance and posture, and the overall sense of wellness that this class brings me.
Pilates and Yoga share some similarities, but there are many differences as well, and since I have been teaching pilates for two years now, I've decided to expand my horizons and become Yoga certified!
Long story short?...
I needed a new tote bag!
One specifically designed to carry the most important yoga/pilates tool...
There is almost nothing better than a tote bag, especially one that gets the job done while looking super stylish!
And since my friend Niki has agreed to go through this Yoga certification adventure me...
She gets one too!
I'm thinking these super handy yoga bags may make their way into my Etsy shop!
Stay tuned!

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