Friday, September 26, 2014

Ugh!...or, I never thought I'd have to say that!

Even before I became a parent I heard the stories...I have two younger sisters and I taught preschool for number of years, I really thought I was well schooled in the ridiculous...
Somehow, there is always more to learn...
Like sitting at an Italian restaurant waiting to be served and not being fast enough to prevent your 3 year old from licking the top of the Parmesan cheese dispenser...
Like turning around and noticing that your 3 years old is licking a rock!
Of course, I'm not a brand new mom, I've fielded toddler teething situations, so while my initial reaction is to yell "don't lick the rock, are you serious?!" mostly I'm amused...more so when she immediately drops the rock but continues on with a piece of grass stuck to her face!
But, how about when you let go of your 3 year old's hand for a second to dig your keys out of your purse, turn to open the door and see your little girl lick the side of the car!  
Ok, ok, I only thought she had licked it, when confronted with my squeal of "Don't lick the car!!!", she sweetly informed me that she only kissed the car!  
I will say that a sweet kiss given innocently to the dirty dusty side of the vehicle is better than what I initially thought had transpired, but still, ewwww!
Oh wait!  Did I forget the morning we were camping and I turned around after getting out of the tent to see this sight?  Who would ever think they would have to say "Don't chew on the tent!"?
I honestly thought we were done with the put everything in our mouth stage, but now it seems like I'm constantly telling her to keep things out of her mouth, and reminding myself to take a deep breath and think of all the germ exposure as immunity building...
And then I tell myself, this stage will pass, look at Noah, he once ate a bug!...ok, he didn't actually eat it, it turns out he just loved it so much he had to give it a kiss...but the point is, he doesn't put strange things in his mouth anymore!...
And then, yesterday, he tells me he ate a leaf!...A Leaf!  So, here are two more things I never thought I'd have to say..."Why did you eat a leaf?" (no clear answer)  "DON'T EAT LEAVES!"
It's the good life; lovin every minute of it!

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