Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's Amazing! It's a Miracle! It's...Deodorant?!

Ok, so here is something I never thought I would say...
I made my own deodorant!
Ummm, yes, you heard me, and I am thrilled with it!
Breast cancer is very prevalent in my family, and the aluminum in regular deodorant has always scared me, but I have tried several natural brands that are aluminum free and they do not work for me...at all.
So, given the option of smelling bad or risking the aluminum, I have always chosen not to smell...until this week!
Meet the magic maker!...
I'm a little behind the times on this health trend, but I'm catching up quickly, hello coconut oil!
I researched several recipes on pinterest and kind of put together a combination that works for me, if you try this at home, you may need to make a few minor adjustments based on your needs...
Deodorant recipe:
1/8 cup cornstarch
1/8 cup baking soda
4-5 tablespoons of coconut oil
*several drops of pure lavender essential oil
 Any scent would work but lavender has some antibacterial and soothing properties that I find beneficial!
Just put all of your ingredients into a medium sized bowl and using a fork or your fingers, shmoosh everything together until it's a smooth paste!
(Because of the cornstarch and the liquid/solid complex of coconut oil, it has a slightly ooblick-like texture when your in the process of shmooshing, but don't worry...
You will not end up with this...
Instead, your final product will look something like this!
The key to application (at least for me) is to stick with the less is more theory, the amount pictured above (about two pea sized scoops) is enough for both underarm areas.  
The deodorant melts with the heat of your underarm and you can just rub it in!  Make sure to get the whole area, and give it a minute or two before getting dressed.  
So here is my personal testimonial:
I have put this recipe to the ultimate test...my Tuesday step/weight training class!
Sadly, I am not one of those perfectly groomed, no hair out of place fitness instructors.
 When I work out, I look like I worked out, and thanks to my Italian heritage, I sweat...like crazy! 
 My aluminum infused store bought deodorant was never up to the task and reapplication after this class was always a must...
Amazingly enough, my homemade deodorant stays strong and I still smell clean and fresh despite my sweaty bedraggled appearance after my 60 minute class!
But, the biggest thing to me is the knowledge that I have been able to eliminate a potentially cancer causing chemical from my daily routine, and as my grandmother was a 10 year breast cancer survivor, that is something that is very important to me!

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